Alrighty, Let’s Get Organised


We have 8 months to plan (and start saving $$ for) this shin dig… with so many things and people involved in a wedding, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  I made a Word doc to help us keep track of what we want and an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of costs, as well as a checklist so we can tangibly cross things off as we complete them to see our progress.  This way, hopefully nothing will get forgotten… here’s what we have, so far!

Nuptials Checklist

  1. Bride & Groom:  Lisa & Mark
  2. Date: xx August 2013
  3. Budget: $7,000 or less?
  4. Location: beach house in NC for a week TBD
  5. Officiating:
  6. Marriage License (different requirements for VA and NC):
  7. Guest Count: no more than 75 (immediate family and besties)
  8. Nearby Guest Accommodations List:
  9. Save the Dates, Envelopes, Stamps:
  10. Invitations, RSVP Cards, Envelopes, Stamps:
  11. Announcements, Envelopes, Stamps:
  12. Bridal Attire: dress (Mark! DON’T LOOK! to be taken in by my momma), shoes, hair?, bouquet (something like this, or this maybe?)
  13. Groom Attire: barong, pants, shoes
  14. Bridal party members?
  15. Bridal party attire? something like this
  16. Bridal party gifts?: something cool
  17. Photographer:
  18. Caterer/Foods: gourmet bbq? (gourmet veggie burgers, roasted vegetable kabobs, spanikopita?, mini veggie quiche?, roasted seasoned potato wedges?, cheesy rice pilaf?)
  19. Tables/Chairs/Extra Silverware/Tent Rentals:
  20. Drinks: Non-Alcoholic (for me and my family): sparkling punch, sparkling apple cider (for the toast) and this party fountain; Alcoholic (for Mark, his family, and our friends): beers/champagne from BJs/Costco/Walmart/wherever
  21. Cake: completely up to Mark
  22. Cake Toppers: something like this or this?
  23. Desserts: chocolate fountain with chocolate, skewers, marshmallows, cream puffs, and fruit
  24. DJ/Musics: someone OR iPod playlist hooked up to speakers
    A. First Dance: “Oh, it is love” by Hellogoodbye
    B. Mother-Son Dance: TBD
    C. Father-Daughter Dance: “Little Darlin’” by the Doobie Brothers? or something by Michael McDonald or Steely Dan? TBD
  25. Decor:
    A. Centerpieces: this, this (spray painted gold), or this?
    B. Flowers?: baby’s breath
    C. Other: gazillion bubble machines (spray painted gold), sparklers?
  26. Guest Book/Sign In: silhouette of a tree screen printed onto canvas (by brother-in-law), ink pads (for thumb/finger prints), baby wipes (to wipe off the ink), ultra thin sharpie markers to sign names
  27. Registry: on (hasn’t gone live, yet)

Other Costs/Nuptial Events

  1. Wedding Shower: CoEd luncheon somewhere.  We’re thinking this could be a great way for all of our friends and family to get to know each other before the wedding so we can have a killer dance fest and everyone can feel comfortable “blow[ing] every tube in that crazy brain machine” (Hello Down There, 1969).
  2. Bachelorette Party: maybe an overnight camping trip to First Landing State Park?
  3. Bachelor Party: Sorry, Mark… you are not going to Bonnaroo without me, again… if the lineup is good, we can go together in 2014.


Are we forgetting anything?  Let us know!

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